Comfort for the feet.

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Only 4-inch high (including 1-inch platforms) and packed with awesomeness (i.e. comfort).

Postat av: Hazel

Nice! May I ask, where did you get them from??

2010-06-25 @ 05:57:42
Postat av: Niq

Nice shoes and oh I love your nail colour

2010-06-25 @ 07:46:13
Postat av: ---

SO COOL! Where'd you get it? (:

2010-06-25 @ 09:34:28
Postat av: abby

love the shoes AND your toe polish! hehe...makes me want to paint my own nails as well.;) aside from your perfect hair, i've always wondered how you manage to walk around singapore in high heels. doesn't it hurt at all? i guess i just totally lack practice.

congrats on your elle spain feature! (just saw it today) you totally deserve it.:)

any advice on where to get the best deals this sale season? might be heading to sg soon.=)

2010-06-25 @ 13:02:24
Postat av: KD

totally in love with ur clogs and nail polish!!!

2010-06-25 @ 18:54:11
Postat av: lloyda

omg! those clogs are so pretty!!!

Postat av: Ashley

So lovely!!! I want it too!

2010-06-26 @ 03:11:46
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Hazel, --- - Thanks! (: I got it from a local shoe boutique at FEP. It was the last pair though.

2010-06-27 @ 06:25:52
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby - I guess I got used to it. I do get tired of walking around in heels of course, that's why I don't wear it as often these days unless I really feel like it/the occasion calls for it. (: Best deals are definitely the high-end boutiques. There's this awesome Prada t-shirt going at SGD200plus. I love it to bits! Usual sales all around. Thank you! (:

2010-06-27 @ 06:28:37
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Niq, KD, lloyda, Ashley - Thank you for commenting darlings! (:

2010-06-27 @ 06:29:07
Postat av: hui hua

hey dear. is your clogs in white or cream?

2010-08-16 @ 15:48:28
Postat av: camerafilmroll

hui hua - It's in cream!

2010-08-16 @ 19:55:53

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