That's what friends are for.

Celebrated one of my best friend's 21st birthday at Timbre on Monday. No proper outfit shots but I hope these images will suffice. Happy 21st, xj! <3

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Dress: missypixie, Belt: Bysi, Sandals: Charles & Keith, Bangle: F21, Gifted earrings: from Bangkok

Postat av: amaturecouture

awwwwwww so sweet! happy 21st!


2010-08-19 @ 08:08:28
Postat av: YM

Hi i don't know if you remembered who i am but i went up to say hi to you on wednesday and did a sketch for you before. Its the sketch with the tie dyed maxi skirt and white top. anyway its nice meeting you in person. cheers :D

2010-08-19 @ 16:11:09
Postat av: nasia

lookin' lovely as alwayssss! :)

2010-08-19 @ 16:51:13
Postat av: kimha

i love your smile and the dress, so cute!

2010-08-19 @ 18:04:40
Postat av: Dena

Happy b-day to your friend. you all look lovely. x

2010-08-20 @ 15:49:17
Postat av: Emily and Abigail

lusting the arm cuff! and everyones outfits look great! such fun photos.

2010-08-21 @ 01:26:30
Postat av: kd

i just loveeeeeeee the first photo! happy bday to ur friend xx

2010-08-21 @ 02:53:48
Postat av: stella

hello babe! how have you been? hope life is doing good on your side :) the first photo is so lovely and you look so pretty as usual. oh your dress is so drop dead gorgeous!

p.s.: the trip to Batam looks so fun! :)

2010-08-26 @ 15:19:33

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