so, how have you been?

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Top: mp, shorts: fep, bag: colette, watch: michael kors, rings: diva, asos

Well I've been extremely busy with my final year projects that I can hardly breathe. Been trying my hardest to take it easy while running on a super tight dateline. Just one more month before I'm done with this semester, and another month before I get to see the love of my life when he comes back for his one-week break! I'll get through this somehow. (:

Postat av: abby

hi becks! it's been awhile since i last posted a comment.:( but i've always been following your blog, i never grew tired of seeing your amazing outfits or reading about your updates.:D you look awesome as always, whether it's something bodycon (saw it at the missypixie site) or these floaty, dreamy tops/dresses of yours are always TDF.:D good luck with finals, looking forward to more posts once things get less stressful. tc always and stay happy!:D

2011-10-21 @ 20:18:57
Postat av: Katherine

I was beginning to think my mainly neutral wardrobe was becoming boring until I saw your outfit. LOVE the gray shorts and the silk, loose top.

I know how you feel; I have all these deadlines coming all within next week. But your projects seem like they'd be fun, so hopefully they're not too bad. It's great that you're still so optimistic. Good luck!

2011-10-22 @ 03:24:15
Postat av: Amanda

Hello Becks! I love that top, it's so dreamy! I think it is the blouson Kelly previewed on the missypixie blog right? :) and hang in there, final years are always a killer but I am sure you will get through it! And yay for you, your boyfriend is coming back soon!

2011-10-22 @ 05:50:17
Postat av: Tessa

Hang in there babe!! I've been there too. Once it's all done you'll be soo relieved and it'll be worth it :)

I looooove this outfit btw. It's so simple, yet chic.

P.S We should hang when I'm back! <3

2011-10-23 @ 01:51:49
Postat av: LY

Hey Becks. Hang in there for your final projects, I am also trying my best to complete mine with those tight deadlines. Btw Love your top, wondering if its available at MP? (:

All the best (:

2011-10-23 @ 10:36:33
Postat av: Pamela

Whoa, i was surprise to see your comment on my blog :oo i really love your style by the way (: been viewing your blog since a few years back.

Postat av: Yowiko

Hi Becks!

Hang in there, final year and a month to go :)

We're rooting for you!

2011-10-24 @ 01:34:55
Postat av: Crystal

Hey beautiful! Looks like you've been busy but nonetheless I'm still following you!

You got to hang in there ok? Soon you'll be surrounded with all the sweet things and happiness!

I love your outfit, especially the "long flowy sleeve" top! :)

Take good care!!

Yours Sincerely,


2011-10-24 @ 16:05:38
Postat av: nasia

what a lovely top, becks! a cool outfit right there! :)

2011-10-24 @ 16:59:21
Postat av: v

its nice to see your smile again on the blogosphere. hang in there and im still your number 1 filipino fan ^^



2011-10-27 @ 17:32:58
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby - Hi Abby! Yes it's been some time since I heard from you. (: Thank you so much and I hope you're well!

2011-10-28 @ 14:25:16
Postat av: camerafilmroll

LY - Hi dear! Thank you. (: Yes I think it's still available at mp!

2011-10-28 @ 14:26:03
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Thank you every one for your encouraging comments! (: I really, really appreciate it! <3

2011-10-28 @ 14:26:43
Postat av: KD

Been so swamped lately and really miss reading your blog!!! Love these two outfits! You never cease to amuse me with your adorable outfits! x

2011-11-02 @ 02:10:40

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