the weather is a goner.

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Shorts: topshop, bag: mango, watch: michael kors, rings: gifted, diva, nail polish: rubi on topshop

The weather is really getting out of hand. It was scorching hot and I was perspiring like mad when I was taking this outfit shot, then I got into the house and it started to rain a thunderstorm in two seconds flat. Not even kidding. And class was beyond unnecessary. Aren't we running a little bit late already? On a depressing note, the first quarter of 2011 has not been treating me very well. Tsk. I really need to inject some positivity into myself. Here's to the next quarter review!

Postat av: K

Where did you get your top? It is lovely.

2011-03-23 @ 09:28:39
Postat av: camerafilmroll

K - Thank you! It's from a local online shop, Runway Bandits.

2011-03-23 @ 09:33:07
Postat av: thefashionguitar

You look super cute! Great outfit, beautiful pics!

xo thefashionguitar

2011-03-23 @ 14:12:51
Postat av: katheryn

may i know where r your shoes from?


2011-03-24 @ 08:52:05
Postat av: camerafilmroll

thefashionguitar - Heh thanks! :D

2011-03-24 @ 14:14:44
Postat av: camerafilmroll

katheryn - Thanks! It's from a wholesale shop at City Plaza.

2011-03-24 @ 14:15:38
Postat av: KD

absolutely cute!!!! i love ur top and ur bag, girly! and your hair is getting longer!!!

2011-03-25 @ 01:57:40
Postat av: Brittany

I'm in love with your top! This outfit is super cute. :]

2011-03-27 @ 05:16:39
Postat av: Samira

this is really cute!

2011-03-27 @ 06:32:39
Postat av: Anonym

Beautiful shorts we are obsessed!

2011-03-27 @ 07:33:49
Postat av: nasia

so very lovely, becks!!!

2011-03-27 @ 13:49:32
Postat av: tayler

Love the floral + crochet!!

2011-03-28 @ 00:18:31
Postat av: RvCSA

Lovely post, love your smile, it makes everything looks good. Interesting blog!

2011-04-25 @ 16:45:49

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