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SHOW Magazine is a project created by the Fashion Communication students from the second year (with contributions from other faculties), and I am happy to have contributed to the last publication of the magazine.

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Here's an excerpt I especially liked from this article above:
Sad, isn't it? You resent us from being designers, and yet, this world is in need of our services, constantly. You ask what we do; wrong question, what don't we do? Your clothes, your bags, your shoes, your books, the very reason why you bought these products, are because of the advertisement we make."

Unfortunately, SHOW magazine is only available in LASALLE itself. Come grab a copy if you're around the area!

Ps: My prediction was right. I am now half crippled.

Postat av: Hazel

congrats on getting your article published :)

2011-03-01 @ 13:28:09
Postat av: a.n.e

Love the snaps you've taken of Singapore ~ very interesting to see it through someone else's eyes.

The excerpt is so true...especially for children from Asian (Chinese?) background., but hopefully this view is slowing changing.

2011-03-02 @ 01:24:32
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Hazel - Thank you! (:

a.n.e - I definitely hope so too. Thank you. (:

2011-03-03 @ 01:58:54
Postat av: annsoh

Nu kör jag igång dagens blogg! Gå in och anmäl dig! Du har chansen att bli dagens blogg varje dag! :D

2011-03-03 @ 02:13:29
Postat av: CAROLINE

It's unfortunate that most parents feel that way, Singaporeans need to be more open minded and stop thinking that wealth = success.

2011-03-31 @ 15:38:14

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