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Leotard: new look, sandals: chocolate schubar, watch: michael kors

Postat av: Ana

love the skirt, where did you get it?

2011-01-28 @ 23:06:37
Postat av: Frances Segismundo

Such a cute, simple outfit! Love it

One Love,

2011-01-29 @ 10:31:49
Postat av: nahi

Hey Becks, quick question. how did you cope with Andy being in ns, being away for so long?my bf is enlisting soon, and we're so close..I'm scared of feeling lonely...

2011-01-29 @ 13:11:50
Postat av: Mandy

Hi Becks! I saw the dress you posed for on lamodeoutre and I was wondering where did you get that? Was planning to get a dark blue maxi dress to go with my cobalt blue sandals! ( also the same design as yours! )

2011-01-31 @ 10:12:54
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Ana - I got it from a local supplier boutique!

2011-01-31 @ 11:18:47
Postat av: camerafilmroll

nahi - Hihi! I thought I couldn't get by initially, but surprisingly it got better. Maybe it's because I'm really busy on my side as well. Anyhow, if your boyfriend is only enlisting into the army (just army, no signing on etc.), it'll get better, trust me. The difference for me is that Andy will be going away a lot, with him signing on with the airforce. He's going away this May for 6 - 9 months... );

Remember, at least he is right at the same place with you! Plus you get to see him every weekend! I'd give anything to spend just the weekends with him. (:

Cheer up dear!

2011-01-31 @ 11:22:07
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Mandy - Hi there! I got it from missypixie. (:

2011-01-31 @ 11:22:31

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