last lap.

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gifted top: from m'sia, pouch: zara

Just one more week away from my final year project dateline and the holidays wheeeeeeeeee!!!

Postat av: Jen

Hey where did you get those shorts from and that watch!?

2011-04-20 @ 05:03:00
Postat av: Brittany

scallop shorts <3 love the green clutch with yellow :]

2011-04-20 @ 05:41:58
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Jen - Shorts from missypixie.livejournal and watch is from michael kors.

2011-04-20 @ 07:53:01
Postat av: June

wow that is a grogeous and chic look.that is a beautiful scallop trimmed shorts. where is it from? hehe btw, thanks for dropping my blog. it still feels very unreal? lol thank you for inspiring me to dress better. i am looking forward to all your looks.

camerafilmroll (Y) :D

2011-04-20 @ 08:47:24
Postat av: June

Just saw it! :D

^gorgeous. typo. all the best in your project too!

2011-04-20 @ 08:55:28
Postat av: thefashionguitar

Love the colors in your outfit. Great clutch.

xo Charlotte

2011-04-20 @ 14:09:21
Postat av: jadeandwillow

Love this classic look! And those shorts are so cute! I'm right there with ya girl..can't wait for school to be over and done with!!!

2011-04-21 @ 05:14:53
Postat av: Nasia Cammayo

sooooooooooo cute, becks!!! i love it! :)

2011-04-21 @ 07:05:03
Postat av: camerafilmroll

June - Thanks for your support dear! Really, really appreciate it. :)) The shorts is from missypixie.lj.

2011-04-21 @ 16:50:20
Postat av: WENDY

The colours are amazing here!

The shorts resembled Chloe's scalloped ones like ALOT, gorgeous :)


2011-04-22 @ 05:30:59
Postat av: faye

hi! lovely shoes, may i know where they are from? (:

2011-04-23 @ 10:34:50
Postat av: Anonym

faye - Hello, thank you! They're from Tod's. (:

2011-04-23 @ 11:06:10
Postat av: camerafilmroll

faye - Hello, thank you! They're from Tod's. (:

2011-04-23 @ 11:06:15
Postat av: adrianna

you're such a lucky girl! you can get your hands on MP stuff first ;(

2011-04-24 @ 13:14:15
Postat av: streetdressed

love it!!! your shorts are so cute!


2011-04-25 @ 19:23:18
Postat av: mimie

Hi i would like to get the yellow short. i went to pixie web but i dun think its available anymore.

any idea where i can get it? pls text me at 83357939 or email me/pm me in my fb

thx babe

2011-05-24 @ 21:13:01

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