dear self

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Romper: topshop, shoes: taobao, bag: marc jacobs, ring: swarovski, watch: michael kors

With my good girlfriend and current gym buddy, and happy with our buys (more about it in the coming entry). Thanks to her I got 3 months free access to True Fitness, heheh.

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Couldn't decide on what to have for dinner and we ended up going to Holland Village for some Lebanese cuisine. Very eeky service but good company made up for that!

Tomorrow... just another week of boring classes with a mountainous amount of work to be done.

Postat av: abby

i especially love the first photo.:) cute romper! a modern look for summer.:) never tried lebanese food before to which cuisine is it similar to?

2011-04-03 @ 17:57:26
Postat av: Joey

Looking pretty as always :)

Love your floral dress here!

2011-04-03 @ 20:35:11
Postat av: Brittany

omg I need a romper as cute as that haha

2011-04-03 @ 23:17:29
Postat av: Rebecca from See You in Sweden

how cute do you looks! and love those really great shoes too!!

2011-04-04 @ 02:48:38
Postat av: Crystal

Hi becks! I just want to say I love your style!

Nice floral romper. Looking as lovely as always.

You go girl!


2011-04-04 @ 09:39:42
Postat av: nasia

lookin' great as always, becks! yummy food! i should try that when i visit singapore in may! :)

2011-04-04 @ 13:09:45
Postat av: siumei

love your romper! its so adorable :)

2011-04-04 @ 19:24:48
Postat av: Ru

Looking good girl! :)

2011-04-05 @ 12:18:44
Postat av: thefashionguitar

Love your dress and the food looks delicious!

xo thefashionguitar

2011-04-05 @ 15:04:17
Postat av: WENDY

Such a cute and pretty floral romper :)

Looking forward to your purchases!

And thank you for adding me <3

2011-04-06 @ 05:09:48
Postat av: KD

you looking so cute, becks! loving ur photos! x

2011-04-06 @ 16:18:51
Postat av: Ivy

u look great here :) keep it up, becks!

2011-04-07 @ 09:16:43
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby - I'm not sure either, am pretty new to it. (:

2011-04-11 @ 10:21:08
Postat av: alina

hey i love your marc jacobs bag! what's the name of it? (:

2011-04-14 @ 09:10:42

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