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Gifted top: from bkk, gifted shorts, braided bracelets: from bali, belt: bershka, watch: kenneth cole, rings: gifted from m'sia, diva, shoes: charles & keith

Everything that I mentioned as gifted above are all from my mum, haha. I didn't realized that I was wearing an outfit filled with the gifts she bought when she went overseas, until a friend pointed out to me. She then goes on about how my mum apparently has good taste, which I beg to differ... a little. Mama has her hits and misses.

Counting down to next Tuesday and I will be free from dreadful school for three months! I want to travel but I need the moneeeeeey. Holiday job searching soon!

Postat av: thefashionguitar

You look great. I love your look!

xo Charlotte

2011-04-21 @ 19:00:45
Postat av: Sam

Oh you have such a lovely style and an even more gorgeous smile!

Thanks for checking out my blog! ^^


2011-04-22 @ 07:10:49
Postat av: Ivy

you looked cute in shorts ♥ outfit perfect for tropics.

2011-04-22 @ 07:11:27
Postat av: KD

i need those shorts to save my life!

2011-04-23 @ 00:46:20
Postat av: Ru

Oh wow! I LOVE this whole look! Would definitely wear this out anyday! Esp LOVE the shorts! :D <3

2011-04-23 @ 07:10:10
Postat av: Crystal

A great outfit for a hot weather in Singapore. :)

You're looking good!

2011-04-23 @ 10:02:06
Postat av: Lovisa Granstedt

Hej! vad kul dina poster verkar. lär verkligen att läsa igen. (: Ha en bra helg :p

2011-06-27 @ 20:34:13

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