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Isn’t this ultimate cuteness? Virtually designed like a pop-up book, this is the contest home page of Seeing the World, organized by CIBA VISION.

If you love to travel, dabble in adventures, dip into fashion and cosmetics (or any of it!), and if your dream overseas trip consisting:

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From Samos, Greek island beauty to...

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Cape Town in South Africa,
and just about anywhere impenetrable because of your miniscule disposable income, this is for you!

Seeing the World with Ciba Vision is an online contest by CIBA VISION. To join the contest, all you’ll need to do is to visit the Seeing the World website, log into your Facebook account from there…

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… submit your Dream Trip details… (Yes I am joining the competition too. :D)

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My entry:

My dream destination: Enroute to the Big Apple!

With the eastern culture so heavily influenced by its western counterpart, there is no doubt why New York is THE city I would like to visit at least once in my lifetime. As the essence of the Big Apple flooded my mind this instance, Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” was on surround sound. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State, yellow cabs, the Yankees, Hip Hop, NBA, Sex and the City, Anna Wintour… they all made up the extravagance of New York City. A concrete jungle where dreams are made of indeed, stirring up the wanderlust in me!

Who I would like to bring: My big sister. Think Sex & the City girly dates!!

… and you’ll receive an e-voucher to redeem a trial pair of contact lenses. Plus you get to choose which range you’d like to have!

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Once redeemed, you’ll qualify for Seeing the World!

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After the first stage of judging, public voting will take place. Blog, tweet and even facebook about your Dream Trip will increase your chance of winning. Get your mum, dad, sister, brother, cousin… basically anyone to vote for you!

The top 10 entries will win a weekend trip to Bangkok, where you will communicate your experiences through your blog, Twitter and Facebook. The grand prizewinner wins their Dream Trip which includes:

• 2 economy class tickets to destination of choice
• 5 days accommodation
• 1 activity of choice (e.g. attend a concert, go scuba diving, bungee jumping)

Meaning you get to actually customize your own dream trip – from destination to activity to the travel buddy of your choice! Dream becomes reality = you can now die in peace. Hahaha.

Ps: Be as creative and fun as you like! Check out Seeing the World’s Facebook account here for more examples!

Postat av: DeathofaDame

With your sense of style Becks I would've thought you've already seen NY. You should come.. you'll love it.

2010-11-01 @ 15:00:21
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