Hop, shop, and go.


Ever faced a problem of wanting to purchase an item on a US merchant website but not being able to because 1. The merchant doesn’t accept your form of credit card payment, or, 2. The merchant doesn’t even ship to your desired destination (in my case, Singapore!)? Been there – pulled my hair, gorged my eyes out, came to terms with agony and misery and the woes of life – done that.

But now, this will never ever ever ever ever EVER happen again with HopShopGo.com! (Why didn't I know about this until now?!) Don’t accept your form of payment? Opt for BuyForMe, where all you have to do is place your orders and HopShopGo will buy them for you. Don’t ship to your desired destination? Just opt for ShipForMe, and when the package arrives at your designated US address (shown on the HopShopGo panel when you sign in), HopShopGo.com will notify you on international shipping costs.

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Other than providing these services, HopShopGo.com also put together deals & promotions (where you can save up to 60%!) and shopping ideas, and even a shop directory to your convenience. With more than 300,000 merchants from the US, ranging from fashion, shoes and accessories, to electronics, sports equipment and kids wear… basically this site’s for everyone. And all you have to do is sign in using your paypal account and password, and HopShopGo.com (Paypal – ultimate security as we all know)! As easy as ABC. Currently blogging and shopping at the same time. Oops.

Now you can shop at websites like 6pm.com and bloomingdales.com, sites that doesn't even ship to Singapore and HopShopGo.com will do it for you!

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source: 6pm

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source: bloomingdale's

Channel your inner Chloe Sevigny with these items from Bloomingdale's!

All of these - within my reach! Okay, I will stop beating myself up about not finding out about HopShopGo.com sooner. Finally, pay for plane tickets to shop in the US no more! Everything is ready for you with just one click. Trust me, this is personal assistant at its best. There’s no need to lust over apparels and accessories from US anymore. All thanks to HopShopGo.com. Can’t wait to start shopping!!


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