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L.A. Girl Flare Birhgt Delight Nail Lacquer in Flushed

I got this from Metro at this 3 for $5 rack last weekend. What I like about L.A. Girl is that it dries pretty fast, though I'm not loving the brush. Got this color together with gold and brown. I'd say ditch the gold, unless you have really, really tanned skin/you plan to slap on 10 layers of lacquer.

Postat av: Esther

oh wow <3 all these departmental sales are getting really worthwhile these days. can't wait for my exams to be done so i can join the crowds & go crazy :P

2010-11-22 @ 07:57:52
Postat av: MISSY S

lovely hue! i wish i could score a polish too! <3

2010-11-23 @ 13:47:57

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