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I was one of the privileged people who was invited to access Fosco before the internet, which is a new shoes and accessories website due to open its cyber doors within this month. It's okay if you don't understand Spanish. They have little picture icons to tell you what you're looking at, isn't that awesome? You can also search for your specific sizes, colours, styles, heel heights and even uses (At work? On vacation? In the city?)! And no, most of them are not ridiculously expensive yay! I've picked out some of my favorites...

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Julia - botín cuadrado (Booty), Botín peep toe con hebillas (Buckle peep-toe booty), Madeleine - sandalia cuña y flecos (Fringed sandal wedges), Crespel - mocasín lazo y ojetes (Loop & eyelet moccasin)

For your significant other...

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Zapato de vestir con doble hebilla (Dress shoes with double buckles), Stefano - botín cordones suela piel (Leather lace booty), Deportivo tipo botin básico en piel, Zapato blucher liso con ribetes de contraste (Shoe with contrast piping)

How about some accessories?

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Luisa belt, Bolso basico de piel (Leather tote bag), Elsa bag

...and last but not least, a pair of polka dots socks!

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source: Fosco

Keep your eyes wide open on Fosco's official opening!

Postat av: styleseeking zurich

oh that brown bag looks gorgeous!

i want!! ^^


2010-05-12 @ 12:47:05
Postat av: Dena

love the red moccasin. x

2010-05-12 @ 18:54:39
Postat av: walkthesand

Looks like great stuff... and love that green tasseled bag.


2010-05-14 @ 00:38:38
Postat av: em

heyyy. love the moccasins. mind me asking, whats the price range on these? and whens the opening? :)

2010-05-15 @ 17:05:33
Postat av: camerafilmroll

em - The moccasins are 59,00€. Opening date is not confirmed yet but it will be within this month!

2010-05-16 @ 03:20:24
Postat av: laken linnea

heyy! i looovveee your style. we're both in singapore (:

i wonder if i've seen you around...

your blog is awesome. come see mine some time?

love always,


2010-05-16 @ 14:49:56

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