"Jack of all trades...

master of none." - from a friend's twitter + mentioned to me by another friend.

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Top: bershka, Skirt: thrifted, Jacket: club marc, Shoes: charles & keith, Bangle: diva

Which cover will you get for 10 magazine's tenth anniversary?

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Postat av: Anonym

Very edgy! I love the studs on the jacket and on the shirts! Hot!

Now, I think Uncle Karl is where it's at!

2010-05-14 @ 18:12:03
URL: http://trixiebaby.blogger.com/
Postat av: abby

hi becks!:) i miss your posts! i love the photo on the right in the second row hehe as well as the two other photos after that. you look stunning and your top is awesome!:)

if only i can get my hands on that magazine, i'd definitely choose karl's cover!;D

do you think there'd be pretty good sales in singapore in early july? like in forever 21, uniqlo, cotton on?:)

2010-05-14 @ 20:15:47
URL: http://totallyrandombyabby.blogspot.com
Postat av: Molly

I like it when you wear that smile in your photos..you look pretty(:

2010-05-14 @ 21:00:37
Postat av: Dani

I love the entire look! I wish I could wear a maxi skirt in this Manila heat.

You look fabulous!

2010-05-15 @ 06:50:59
URL: http://theshadychronicles.blogspot.com
Postat av: Wenhui

Totally love this look! :D

2010-05-16 @ 09:12:29
URL: http://phishfoodd.livejournal.com
Postat av: sha

so glad you commented on my blog leading me to come to yours :) love the outfit, i really wish I could pull of that maxi skirt.

and love the cuff on your right arm, can we see a closeup? <3

2010-05-16 @ 19:05:33
URL: http://www.ohhmyblog.net
Postat av: Esther

i would choose the one beside karl's :) (sorry karl haha.) great outfit! you look awesome with or without the jacket. love your accessories too as usual x)

2010-05-17 @ 07:34:49
URL: http://cloudships.blogspot.com
Postat av: lynnette

becks!! this outfit is fantastic... i love how you look with your short hair! :D very very refreshing...

that long skirt makes for such a unique look!! ahhh you really know how to thrift awesome stuff...

want anything from the U.S?? :D


2010-05-17 @ 08:33:55
URL: http://detailsofthefabric.blogspot.com
Postat av: lynnette

LOL!! you know what, i just noticed the braid... ahhaha what a lamer i am!! XD totally going blind.... ok that hairstyle is WICKED COOL.

2010-05-17 @ 08:34:46
URL: http://detailsofthefabric.blogspot.com
Postat av: magda

nice blog, very inspiring! :)

2010-05-26 @ 21:34:23

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