Thanks to the 20% storewide member's only sale at Kinokuniya the past week, I've been binge buying magazines. I've always wanted to buy foreign fashion magazines but they are a tad too expensive. You do not expect me to forego this opportunity of course, right?

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source: personal scan from DANSK magazine

Extract from Issue 23: Spring/Summer 2010
"Dear Stacey,
Following the unfortunate incident at the Isabel Marant store on Rue de Charonne earlier this month, your legal guardians see no option but to enrol you here at the Academy of Juvenile Delinquents. I think you will agree that your obsession with army fashion has spiraled out of control. Stacey, bringing a shotgun to the Isabel Marant fitting room to match the military-inspired items you were planning to 'acquire' there is not considered appropriate behavior for a young lady. And with the news that the Eurostar staff caught you smuggling hand grenades in your McQueen bag, refusing to remove your Balmain cartridge belt on the way back to England, it is hard to hide our utter disappointment. It is now our responsibility to teach you right and wrong; fashion and reality. We shall see you in April.
Regards, Your Head Mistress"

DANSK, from Copenhagen, was one of the foreign magazines that I got from Kino. I love the informal - even to the extent of "non-fashiony" - way of writing. The editorials are filled with lighthearted humor and the greatest pleasure in this is that the writers seem to be having genuine fun with fashion. And might I add, I love the quality of the magazine paper too. Heh.

Ps: I want Issue #21!


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