Non-fashion Moment

I went cycling at East Coast Park with the boyfriend yesterday. We cycled a long way and passed Bedok Jetty. Love it there, it feels like a whole new country by itself. Someone caught a fish and everyone were crowding around and taking pictures. Blue in color, so beautiful. Thought I'd also share how I usually look like when I don't dress up, hahaha.

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Postat av: Anonym

what a fun time!!!!

2010-03-29 @ 14:54:38
Postat av: fangzi

you look so happy! :D

2010-03-29 @ 15:51:15
Postat av: abby

you look so cute!:)

2010-03-29 @ 18:51:13
Postat av: soulshine

Love the shades on you. My face doesn't suit big shades!

2010-03-30 @ 10:06:04
Postat av: iffah

you still look great when you dunch dress up. =)

love all your posts babe! =)

2010-03-30 @ 15:21:16
Postat av: stella

you still look so gorgeous even when you don't dress up. you look so happy also :) oh btw, i think i saw you today at 15 mins cafe at Lasalle. were you there? (:

2010-03-30 @ 15:34:32
Postat av: camerafilmroll

stella - Thank you! Yes I was there! (:

2010-04-02 @ 17:38:08
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Thank you all for commenting! <3

2010-04-02 @ 17:38:26

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