Summer uniform

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Top: Zara, Shorts: Pull & Bear, Bag: Mango, Sunglasses: vintage Lanvin

Wave House at Sentosa for lunch and chill-out session with a girlfriend yesterday. Introduced to her my favorite family game of Phase 10, an american card game equivalent to Rummy. Scored the top from the Zara sale! Funny how I only go out to hunt on sale periods now, prices are too overrated during other times anyway.

Postat av: Ms K

I love your floral corset.


2010-07-08 @ 07:30:28
Postat av: YM

Cool i was at Wave house yesterday too and had Singapore Sling. The drink is so sweet and tasty. still love your style girl

2010-07-08 @ 08:25:02
Postat av: Be Aoi

Lovely outfit! the corset is gorgeous!

2010-07-08 @ 15:10:16
Postat av: Em

heyy! love your style. but i hope you don't mind me asking, howww do you stay so fit?

2010-07-08 @ 16:49:04
Postat av: thestreetfashion5xpro

Beautiful post! Love the floral corset...

Lovely blog.

2010-07-08 @ 17:02:22
Postat av: Ashley

Hi becks! Looking great with the bustier! Love how you styled it with a belt.

Btw, hope you can join my give-away (the sponsor's from Singapore, too.)

Thank you so much for droppin by at my blog. Xoxo

Postat av: KD

i love this look becks! you are soooo skinny! envaaaaaaaay you!!!!!!!

2010-07-09 @ 02:57:39
Postat av: u-ung

so beautiful and sexy top!!!

2010-07-09 @ 08:15:41
Postat av: Dane

Lovely top! This is in Sentosa? I miss Singapore.

2010-07-09 @ 09:42:08
Postat av: Aney

Smells like summer! Love the cute floral top!! Bustiers are definitely in this season.

2010-07-09 @ 17:45:51
Postat av: kathleen

How can u put the tag on ur pictures?What u use picasa..photoshop..what?

2010-07-09 @ 18:38:22
Postat av: Jen H

these pictures are fantastic! i love them :)

and that floral bustier looks great on you!

2010-07-10 @ 00:23:42
Postat av: Anonym

saw you yst at raffles city.:)

2010-07-10 @ 06:27:46
Postat av: Angel

Hi I love how the way you dress! Very chic. I'm just wondering what shampoo and conditioner you use because your hair looks so sleek and soft! (:

2010-07-10 @ 08:57:39
Postat av: Nubiasnonsense

I love your top its gorgeous! Those drinks look yummy also

2010-07-10 @ 19:46:23
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Em - I'm really not that fit! Heh, but thanks! I swim at least twice a week and hit the park to rollerblade/cycle with my bf during the weekend. (:

2010-07-11 @ 04:38:58
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Dane - Thanks! Yes that's Sentosa.

2010-07-11 @ 04:39:26
Postat av: camerafilmroll

kathleen - Photoshop.

2010-07-11 @ 04:39:42
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Angel - Thank you! I use Herbal Essence shampoo and Dove conditioner. (:

2010-07-11 @ 04:40:20
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Ms K, YM, Be Aoi, thestreetfashion5xpro, Ashley, KD, u-ung, Aney, Jen H, Anonymous, Nubiasnonsense - Thank you all for commenting!!! (: I really appreciated it!

2010-07-11 @ 04:41:39
Postat av: lucke

Tjenare, händer idag? :)

2010-07-11 @ 04:50:54
Postat av: abby

i so love your outfit in this post! your clothes always seem to fit you like a glove! i recently checked out the zara sale here and ended up with a bunch of stuff from trf (more my style compared to zara woman hehe). i wish it was this sunny when my friend and i went to sg!;(

have a great weekend becks!

2010-07-11 @ 06:29:52
Postat av: stella

hello! the floral bustier looks so goddamn good on you! oh i love the colour of your skin tone as well!

2010-07-11 @ 16:10:59
Postat av: Chiho

Love your outfit:] so cute!

I came here from chictopia, and I love your blog! so cute pics here! Now I follow it:]

Please visit my blog and follow it if you are interested in;]

2010-07-11 @ 16:29:07
Postat av: fashfix

love the bustier on u. i saw a few from Zara, but doesnt fit me well :(

one is with bunny prints...

2010-07-19 @ 08:47:13

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