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Dress, top: Missypixie, Sandals: Charles & Keith, Bag: Mango, Necklace, Topshop, Gifted rings: From Bangkok

The bag has a story. I was contemplating between that and the brown bag (from recent previous posts) whilst out shopping with Andy a while back. I really liked both, but due to budget constraint issues, I decided to get the brown one. Fast forward to a few days later, I went out with my mum. She saw the black bag, liked it, but was hesitant about purchasing it. She asked me if she should. I nonchalantly said that if she liked it, she most definitely should. She did, and now I get to use it as well, haha!

I'm finally going for driving lessons starting tomorrow, I don't know why but I'm so nervous, heh. Wish me luck!!

Ps: It's raining. Nope, don't appreciate rainy nights!

Postat av: Pax

Haha cute story. I wish my Mom had taste like your mom!:) And cute outfit too:)

2010-07-25 @ 20:01:27
Postat av: sharon

oooh i love how you paired those two pieces together! :)

2010-07-25 @ 20:20:42
Postat av: KD

nice! mom loves fringe too? COOL!!! :) by the way, i looooove the first pic :)

2010-07-26 @ 01:58:45
Postat av: Esther

wow so cool that you & your mum have the same taste. all the best for driving lessons!! :D

2010-07-26 @ 04:39:01
Postat av: stella

so chic! you look so pretty in maxi dress :)

2010-07-27 @ 09:25:18
Postat av: Niq

I love your outfit, you look pretty!

2010-07-28 @ 04:38:52
Postat av: fashion ice

great ring! come follow me xoxo

2010-07-28 @ 20:13:09

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