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Top: F21, Shoes: Charles & Keith, Bag: Long Champ

As promised! And I promise you more, at least for the next two days. Heh, new year new clothes yum!

Ps: I'd appreciate it if you could please, please, please take 3 minutes of your time to vote here! Much loves to y'all! (:

Postat av: Sheng Mae

Super classy! :)

2010-02-13 @ 19:34:51
Postat av: janettaylor

U have a basic look and this is perfect - I guess. :-)

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2010-02-13 @ 19:57:08
Postat av: Dena

Voted! Love your shorts.x

2010-02-13 @ 20:16:27
Postat av: Ilanka

Love the shorts!

x fashionnerdic

2010-02-13 @ 21:45:26
Postat av: marley

such a great outfit

looking forward summer to wear shorts and those summery outfits

2010-02-13 @ 22:55:20
Postat av: Emz

Cute outfit! And I adore CNY haha, gong xi fa cai!!

2010-02-14 @ 19:24:48
Postat av: febrinautamiputri

you look gorgeous as always!this outfit suits the hot and shiny weather there xD

Postat av: u-ung

so cute outfit for summer!!!gorgeous..!!

2010-02-15 @ 06:29:47
Postat av: be-aoi

great outfit! love your shorts!

2010-02-15 @ 13:04:00
Postat av: jasna

Luv ur outfit!! Did u get my message on twitter about bb chat? xx

2010-02-15 @ 19:16:36
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Dena - Thank you for voting dear! (:

2010-02-16 @ 15:01:30
Postat av: camerafilmroll

jasna - I did! Have replied you. :D

2010-02-16 @ 15:05:59
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Thank you all for commenting! <33

2010-02-16 @ 15:12:12
Postat av: Janicei

I've voted too! :) I love your this outfit! Esp the shorts! Jiayou and happy cny to u too! =)

2010-02-16 @ 18:43:02
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Janicei - Thank you for voting dear! (:

2010-02-17 @ 02:27:16
Postat av: stella

super ultra chic. one of my fave, definitely. you look so gorgeous! everything match perfectly, from the short to the navy blue longchamp <3

2010-02-18 @ 17:30:05
Postat av: camerafilmroll

stella - Thanks dear! (:

2010-02-19 @ 15:37:20
Postat av: plain.jane

love this look very much !

2010-02-23 @ 02:10:40
Postat av: Charlene

I love your outfit!!! Summer 2010!

2010-02-25 @ 07:29:49

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