Hot Pink Day.

My class has a dress theme for styling class every week, and next week's theme is hot pink. I think I really need this fur coat next week.

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Postat av: Emz

Sometimes I think I'd love to work in the fashion industry just because I could wear anything out of my closet and say "VOILA, I'm fashionable today!" hahaha. I adore the coat =)

2010-02-21 @ 17:42:06
Postat av: jem

i love the idea of having a certain theme each week... that would make getting dressed in the morning even more fun!

2010-02-21 @ 18:45:00
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Postat av: Anna

A new theme every week, that's so cool!

Thanks for visiting :)

2010-02-22 @ 13:07:09
Postat av: Shinin

I thought it's really cute to have a new theme weekly for class as well! You get your eyes opened to new ideas from other classmates too, I guess? :) Show us what you wear for these themes too!

2010-02-23 @ 07:01:12
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