Sensitivity overload.

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Inner top: Cotton On Body, Top, Bangle: F21, Jacket: missypixie, Shoes: From Korea, Bag: Kikki K

And some random snaps using my few weeks old lens...

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Postat av: Leah

Love the images... you really have the eye. And I love your outfit too. You look gorgeous! xoxo

2010-04-19 @ 03:49:40
Postat av: abby

love, love, love this look. you look so slim and chic!:) what camera have you been using lately?

2010-04-19 @ 04:42:08
Postat av: Be Aoi

Great outfit! love your jacket so much!

2010-04-19 @ 23:48:53
Postat av: dang

love ur outfit so much xx

2010-04-20 @ 08:08:28
Postat av: HI

Hi may I know what camera and what lens is that? Pls reply, thanks!

2010-04-20 @ 16:16:19
Postat av: Tessa

Hey Becks!

Lovin' this outfit. So.. how do you wear all these jackets in the humid singapore weather?!! I'm back in December...... for good, don't know how I'm going to stand it :( And I want to bring my blazers over...

2010-04-21 @ 06:45:52
Postat av: D

love that YSL Arty Ovale ring you had and im interested in getting it as well, any idea for the price and where to get it?

2010-04-21 @ 11:29:07
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby - Thank you! (: I just got a new 50mm f1.8 prime lens.

2010-04-22 @ 10:40:22
Postat av: camerafilmroll

HI - Sony Alpha 300 + 50/1.8.

2010-04-22 @ 10:41:44
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Tessa - Hi there! You'll definitely "die" wearing blazers here, considering that you're coming from a country where wearing blazers are totally in sync with the weather. I guess all I can say is that you'll eventually get used to it. (:

2010-04-22 @ 10:42:51
Postat av: camerafilmroll

D - SGD280 and you can get it at the ysl boutique. It's out of stock at the moment though. (:

2010-04-22 @ 10:43:36
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Leah, Be Aoi, dang - Thank you all for commenting! :D

2010-04-22 @ 10:44:14
Postat av: Dena

you look fab and I love the cup x

2010-04-22 @ 22:19:13
Postat av: u-ung

gorgeous accesories!!!I love your accesories collection..

btw, I gonna go to s'pore next month..would u mind to tell me the best place for hunting unique stuffs (accesories,etc) such as flea market for tourists?hahahhaha good place with good price also..thx u!!!

2010-04-25 @ 06:13:35

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