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Tank: Pull & Bear, Shorts: Cotton On, Shoes: Schu, Bag: Kikki K

Ps: No DI was done, I am amazed by how ridiculously long my legs look in the pictures. I assure you that this is not so in real life.

Postat av: Idile

you know I stumbled uppon your blog accidentally while browsing clothes and trends online:) I enjoy your entries very much! your clothes are fabulous and you're amazingly cute and pleasant to look at- better than a real model (in my oppinion). Keep up the great entries- it's a pleasure to read and view them :) I check your blog everyday thus I hope you'll update more often! thank you for your beautiful blog :)

2010-04-03 @ 09:59:41
Postat av: Katherine

You pull off high waistlines quite nicely! My torso looks too short when I try them. It's very sad.

2010-04-03 @ 21:57:52
Postat av: kurarin

i love how classy you make shorts look with that scarf and heels. great suspenders as well!

2010-04-04 @ 17:56:26
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Idile, Katherine, kurarin - Thank y'all for commenting. <3

2010-04-05 @ 16:59:58
Postat av: Be Aoi

you look gorgeous on that outfit! love the scarf

2010-04-05 @ 23:48:54
Postat av: Ore

wherever you live has nice weather--i'm jealous

i love your outfit it's too cutee!


2010-04-07 @ 22:54:20
Postat av: L

i love all your outfits :) question: how does one get a chictopia account?

2010-04-10 @ 04:22:23
Postat av: camerafilmroll

L - You can sign up here - (:

2010-04-10 @ 06:02:21
Postat av: L

i need a referral code! ):

2010-04-10 @ 06:20:40
URL: http:///
Postat av: vonita

love the scarf. so classy :)

question : Does yr feet not hurt walking around Spore ?! I know Singaporeans walk a lot. LOL

2010-04-11 @ 18:00:34

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