The September Issue: Must-Watch!

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A big shout-out to Onic from gimmesmoothies. Thanks for the feature! (:

Postat av: Bella

Big congrats on your feature... so cool! And of course, I love everything about this outfit.

You're a styling ace babe. xxx

2009-09-26 @ 17:42:20
Postat av: Y.M

loving your blazer!(: take care.

2009-09-26 @ 18:43:32
Postat av: sarah

wow you look so pretty! :)

2009-09-26 @ 21:01:54
Postat av: iRiS

I discovered you thanks to gimmesmoothies.

Well, saying that your style is amazing is obvious lol, so I just send you love from madrid and hope to hear from you so I can follow you! :)


2009-09-27 @ 01:22:57
Postat av: onic

ahh thanks to you. youre amazing. we love you!

and you make me crazy about the laces clothes :]

2009-09-27 @ 05:47:27
Postat av: u-ung

nice combination...!!!plaids with gorgeous dress!!

2009-09-27 @ 08:09:46
Postat av: Fashion Pix

I love this outfit and your style is amazing!

2009-09-27 @ 12:34:57
Postat av: Candy

Wow, love this look!

Postat av: Champagne

I heard that the September Issue was good. And congrats on the feature.

2009-09-28 @ 17:15:44
Postat av: Little Bo Peep

Gawsh this is gorgeous, i love all your recent outfits since i just discovered your blog from Onic :)

I love you added the hat, it's like cherry on top for this outfit :D

2009-09-28 @ 18:49:39
Postat av: Valencia Lia

ohhhh my,you've watched that movie already ?? I'm going to catch it tomorrow :) So excited !

Adore your shoes and the blazer and the black lace,all perfect !

2009-09-29 @ 05:38:39
Postat av: pinkupanda

i am a new reader of your blog and i must say that i am truly impressed and in awe of your style. i love how you combine your outfits - they always end up looking so effortless and chic.

p.s. i especially loved how you tied your broken necklace in a knot. very clever idea. :) and may i ask what brand of watch (gold) is that? thanks.

2009-09-29 @ 06:40:36
Postat av: Valerie

omg.. darling your lacey black thing is too cute!!!!

xx from hong kong

2009-09-29 @ 09:39:23
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Valencia Lia - Yes The September Issue is awesome! Everything you want to know about how the fashion magazine industry works are in there! Scary but interesting!!

2009-09-29 @ 16:29:47
Postat av: camerafilmroll

pinkupanda - Thank you! (: The watch is from Casio. (:

2009-09-29 @ 16:30:10
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Bella, Y.M., Sarah, iRis, onic, u-ung, Fashion Pix, Candy, Champagne, Little Bo Peep, pinkupanda, Valerie - Thank you all for commenting! *mwwwwah! (:

2009-09-29 @ 16:31:49
Postat av: fashionjazz

Congrats!! Luv what u are wearing!! xx

2009-09-29 @ 21:36:13
Postat av: neno always look stunning..!!

i'll link u if u dont mind :)

2009-09-30 @ 05:04:33
Postat av: Shaniece -USA

I came across your blog and i was instantly drawn in and read your whole blog and I am so amazed by your sense of style and smart shopping. I have yet to see you repeat an outfit twice since December! wow! I love how u put this outfit together. Fedora's are hot this season. I wish u success in school as well.

2009-10-01 @ 05:41:11

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