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And look at my new platforms from Aldo at 40% off from the Sales section! I am the ideal candidate as the kia-su ambassador of Singapore. When I enter a store, I immediately race over to the Sales section. But then again, who wouldn't? (: Anyway, I have to stress that the photos just don't do justice!

Sorry for the disgusting popping veins on my feet. I've been walking around the whole day so the walking has really taken its toll on my feet.

Postat av: cindee

I think i've fallen in love! The texture, the shape....the height of the heel!! lovely. Now I want to go shopping. =P i k lil now ive said this before but i love your style and I totally agree with you when you say its a lil disheartening when you see all these hits on your page but barely any comments. Well, just sending you my love =)

2009-03-27 @ 17:32:25
Postat av: janettaylor

Hey girl,

The first pics is amazing and how lovely shoes! OMG!

xoxo: Janet

2009-03-27 @ 20:09:48
Postat av: erika

loving the aldos. platforms are my favorite. i really need more classic pumps in my shoe collection!! and i looove sales!

2009-03-28 @ 01:24:10
Postat av: abby

no outfit post today?=( anyway, i agree sometimes the camera doesn't do justice on certain things. i tried taking pictures of my favorite shoes the other night and it didn't turn out so great - esp. when i used flash! haha...the shoes fits you great and i bet you'll think of more cute ways to incorporate it in your outfits...just wondering, is it comfortable though?

looking forward to your next outfit post (and post on the sale ;p) and thank you for the "sales" tip.;p

2009-03-28 @ 03:32:54
Postat av: Tiffany

Lovely shoes. And I think I'm in love with the first photo.

2009-03-28 @ 07:01:15
Postat av: fangzi

Great buy! Wow i wonder the heels are how many inches tall? At least 5"? I really admire girls who can walk well in their tall heels! (: By the way how much was the platforms after the discount?

2009-03-28 @ 07:11:33
Postat av: nasia

your new shoes are FIERCCCEEE!!! :) i'm sure you'll rock them!

2009-03-28 @ 12:24:09
Postat av: camerafilmroll

cindee - Yes the height of the heels! But on the other hand, the height of the heels can kill me too! =/ Hahaha! I'm grateful that someone empathizes with me, thanks! (:

2009-03-28 @ 17:50:15
Postat av: camerafilmroll

janettaylor, erika, Tiffany, nasia - Thank you all! (:

2009-03-28 @ 17:51:05
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby - I'm not sure if it's comfortable or not because i haven't worn it yet! Heh. Will definitely give a verdict after I've worn it out! (:

2009-03-28 @ 17:52:18
Postat av: camerafilmroll

fangzi - Thanks! (: I'm not sure, I didn't measure it, haha! The platforms are around $88 after discount. (:

2009-03-28 @ 17:53:29
Postat av: kristie

i really love the texture of those shoes:)

2009-03-31 @ 18:57:43
Postat av: camerafilmroll

kristie - That's the reason why I bought it. It's a twist to a pair of classic pumps! (: And thank you by the way!

2009-04-01 @ 04:33:20

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