The kind people from whoogaboots.co.uk created a $30 USD (£19 GBP) gift card for you lovelies, my readers!!!, for y'all to spend on their website!

"Whoogaboots is an Australian Ugg boot label which began offering a range of traditional vintage Australian styled ugg boots in 2006. The entire range is crafted from Australian merino sheepskin of a higher grade than traditional ugg boots to create greater thermostatic performance and a cushier feel. Whoogaboots has been featured in Australia's Fashion Exposed and received great reviews from a number of prominent fashion distributions such as Fashion TV."

I've always wanted to own a pair of uggs but wearing them in Singapore.. a hot AND humid country, seems like an extremely wrong idea. I think my feet will feel like they are walking in a sauna, haha. But you people in colder climate countries!! You definitely need one of these!

All you guys need to do is visit whoogaboots.co.uk and enter the code CAMERAFILM into the box in the cart. They ship to all countries!

My pick:

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Short Ugg Boot in Pewter & Gold

Postat av: Aurela

I get the same offer from whooga boots :D

2009-06-16 @ 22:51:01
URL: http://aurela-aurela.blogspot.com/
Postat av: daphne

wow youre so sweet. youre giving it away! too bad, we dont have 4 seasons in the phils.

2009-06-17 @ 08:19:33
URL: http://daphnerocks.multiply.com

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