New loots.

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Two pairs of sandals my lovely sister bought for me in Taiwan: (along with two fedoras, a studded top and skirt, a pair of denim leggings and two lace tops. God I love her!)

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Postat av: janel

heyheyheyyyy show off your two fedoras, a studded top and skirt, a pair of denim leggings and two lace tops ! i want to seeeeeeeeeeee =)

anyway where is loots from the first three pics from ? they look goooddddddd

2009-06-13 @ 17:06:31
Postat av: daphne

aren't you lucky the one?! can i exchange my sister for yours? kidding!! i love my sister to bits.

2009-06-13 @ 18:25:21
Postat av: AJ

Your sandals remind me of the same one that childhood flames' has. Cant wait to see the outfits you'll come up with them shoes! :)

Oh! Your nails are so cute! Mad cute! :)


2009-06-13 @ 21:48:37
Postat av: mikki

SO the shoes are SUPER! love the studs but you know what really stands out, that pink nail polish! LOVE IT!

2009-06-13 @ 21:48:48
Postat av: Samira

HOT. Where u from by the way? You're using a swedish site to blog, aren't you?

2009-06-13 @ 23:38:28
Postat av: abby

hi becks! wow, i wish i have a sister too.=( and one that is in tune with fashion and generous like yours. anyway, when can we see the other new stuff that you got?=D hope you'll enjoy the rest of the weekend! tc!

2009-06-14 @ 04:10:34
Postat av: miranda

so jealous! i wish i had a sister... ANYONE who would do that for me haha

2009-06-14 @ 04:58:40
Postat av: Anonym

I love Face Shop!!!

2009-06-14 @ 08:17:28
Postat av: Fashion Victim

That pink nailpolish looks awesome with the shoes

2009-06-14 @ 08:38:15
Postat av: Sushi

Ahh so cute! I love the first and third sandals and that nail polish is fantastic! x Sushi

2009-06-14 @ 10:01:43
Postat av: Ilanka

Very gorgeous shoes! And I love the nail polish, great color!!

X, fashion-nerdic.

2009-06-14 @ 12:14:20
Postat av: Nadia

I really like the sunglasses=)

2009-06-14 @ 14:05:00
Postat av: Linda


Jag har öppnat en alldeles egen webshop, hoppas du kikar in o hittar ngt du gillar;)

2009-06-14 @ 16:39:22
Postat av: janettaylor

Cool gladiators!

Have a great Sunday, darling!


2009-06-14 @ 17:39:58
Postat av: linda


2009-06-14 @ 18:50:26
Postat av: fashionjazz

Awsome sandals Becks!! xxx

2009-06-14 @ 19:23:55
Postat av: Josefin

I can't figure it out, where do you live/come from? :D

2009-06-14 @ 22:08:51
Postat av: camerafilmroll

janel - Haha, I won't be showing all! The first pair of sandals are from Far East Plaza and the sunglasses are from Cotton On and Far East Plaza respectively. (:

2009-06-15 @ 17:18:55
Postat av: camerafilmroll

daphne - Hahaha, yea I'm lucky I have a lovely sister! (:

2009-06-15 @ 17:19:23
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Samira - Thanks! I'm from Singapore. I like the layout (although it's simple but I think it's very neat) and I'd much prefer the url compared to or hence the reason why. (:

2009-06-15 @ 17:22:09
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby - Heh, thank you on her behalf! I won't be posting all of them. (: Hope you had a nice weekend!

2009-06-15 @ 17:22:45
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Josefin - I live in Singapore! (:

2009-06-15 @ 17:23:17
Postat av: camerafilmroll

daphne, AJ, mikki, miranda, Anonym, Fashion Victim, Ilanka, Nadia, Linda, linda, fashionjazz - Thank y'all for commenting, lovelies! (:

2009-06-15 @ 17:24:18
Postat av: venla

najs :D Were are the white sunglasses from?

2009-06-16 @ 18:20:13
Postat av: camerafilmroll

venla - The white sunglasses are from a local accessories boutique! (:

2009-06-17 @ 14:19:25

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