Heineken Commercial

Not fashion-related but I think this commercial is really funny! That guy in the blue shirt is too cute!

Well, maybe it's fashion-related after all. I want that walk-in closet!!!

Postat av: mikki

I saw that ad a while back and I thought it was an Ikea ad to start with..then the ending was a killer!

2009-06-01 @ 15:55:12
Postat av: jenny

i love that commercial ! :D

2009-06-01 @ 16:10:21
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Postat av: Anonym

i think it's very sexist. I'd like that bar thingy too. Not every woman would yell over a walking closet like that. (I would, but that's not the point). It amazes me that no one has reported it yet :D

2009-06-01 @ 21:03:53
Postat av: Solo

Funny video..=D Thanks for sharing.Have a nice day.=)

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2009-06-02 @ 08:38:38
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Postat av: Style Gazing

I love the faces on those guys! too cute!

2009-06-02 @ 11:51:02
URL: http://style-gazing.blogspot.com
Postat av: EMMA

Sv; Thanks :)

2009-06-02 @ 13:58:48
URL: http://eimj.blogg.se/

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