Guilty Pleasure.

Today, I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to buy a bag in Mango. I spent a long time in the store and finally concluded that I shouldn't spend the money I was planning to save. Then I entered Schu and walked out with a pair of shoes in five minutes flat.

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I should be condemned.

Ps: I was featured in candykawaiilover, thank you dear! (:
Pps: Thank you so much, Samajra for choosing camerafilmroll as one of your favorite blogs! (:

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Postat av: abby

wow! the shoes are amazing! even though i'm not really one for animal prints - especially snakeskin because i'm terrified of snakes and i don't want anything that reminds me of one. i do appreciate this pair of shoes especially on you. was this of the same price with the mango bag? mango's actually on sale right now here in manila. i saw a cute high waisted skirt but it was a bit steep for my budget so i passed on it. i'm also trying to save up as well. happy weekend to you!=)

2009-06-19 @ 20:00:35
Postat av: Anonym

I love that heels!!! <3

2009-06-20 @ 04:11:07
Postat av: nasia

so fierceeeeee!!!! great buy! btw, i'm going to singapore in august to visit my dad. it will be my first time! any great shopping spots? thanks! :)

2009-06-20 @ 04:53:13
Postat av: stylebrownie

hey babes. i saw u through this link

u have awesome awesome style!!!!! love it!!

2009-06-20 @ 06:51:02
Postat av: Y.M

Super in love with your heels!! practically drooling over it.

2009-06-20 @ 07:18:07
Postat av: pm

gosh this pair is ABSOLUTELY worth it. no need to feel too bad about it.

2009-06-20 @ 07:25:42
Postat av: violet

these were worth it!! they look great and even better on

thank for the comments visit anytime


Vi from Cali

2009-06-20 @ 07:45:52
Postat av: AJ

awesomeawesomeawesome shoes! :) 3x! :) And those polish pops! :) Can't wait to see this pair work its way in your wardrobe.


2009-06-20 @ 08:16:51
Postat av: janel

oh man this is so what i will do too. i'll look at a top and think 'i can get this in bkk' but i'll splurge on shoes in 2 seconds.

2009-06-20 @ 09:11:55
Postat av: Susan

I think a lot of us face the same hesitation and guilt every day! :))

happy Saturday, xoxo

2009-06-20 @ 13:10:25
Postat av: janice

hahas yea..guilty pleasure indeed. :)

but that pair of heels is just so great! :D

although i don't dare to wear heels..


im considering whether to buy that ferodas which soles look quite slippery.. but it looks nice.

i considered for days n still havent come to a conclusion! LOL

definitely need help. =x


2009-06-20 @ 18:50:19
Postat av: Ilanka

I would probably do the same thing If I saw those babies! Great colors.

2009-06-20 @ 19:16:18
Postat av: sherin

hahahaha! somehow your shopping experience sounds so familiar... ah well, at least you didn't buy that bag! (cross fingers)

2009-06-20 @ 21:22:06
Postat av: jenny


2009-06-20 @ 23:20:14
Postat av: Mariam

amazing shoes!

2009-06-21 @ 03:41:33
Postat av: Anonym

COOOOLLLLZZZZZ OMG I HAVE THE BELT.HAHAHA, like exactly the same kind (shoe straps) but it's a belt hhahahaa

2009-06-21 @ 06:40:49
Postat av: Sylvia

Congrats on the award and your shoes are HOT

2009-06-21 @ 08:08:35
Postat av: pinky

Oh dear, I looove those shoes!:))

2009-06-21 @ 09:15:53
Postat av: Regina

oh yummy, the shoes are so pretty! how much did you pay for them!

p.s. hot pink toenails go great with this pair:)

2009-06-21 @ 09:16:56
Postat av: D E E

They are amazing! I love the blue and green tones with the bright pink polish.

They are a good buy - don't feel too guilty!

2009-06-21 @ 09:57:08
Postat av: Sarah

wow. the shoes are great.

i seem to be attracted to anything snakeskin pattern lately.

Oh and i have linked you on my blog.

check it out

sarah x

2009-06-22 @ 01:07:17
Postat av: cindee

im always drooling over ur shoe purchases =P

2009-06-22 @ 02:28:37
Postat av: Ruby


2009-06-22 @ 08:38:44
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Abby - Heh, thanks! Actually the shoes cost about 2 times more than the Mango bag, haha! Mango's on end-season sale too here!! :D Hope you had a great weekend!

2009-06-22 @ 09:05:48
Postat av: camerafilmroll

nasia - For unique finds that are more to the expensive side, you can check out Haji Lane (Bugis MRT Station) and Ann Siang Hill (Chinatown MRT Station). (There's a vintage/thrift store called House of Japan at Haji Lane.)

The must-go location will be Orchard Road. Practically all brands/labels are located there! Check out Bugis Street (Bugis MRT Station) for cheap buys, but be careful with picking out your buys because you don't want to be seen wearing the same thing like every one else on the street!

Hope this help and hope you'll enjoy Singapore! (:

2009-06-22 @ 09:09:47
Postat av: camerafilmroll

janice - Try walking around the store to check out its condition? (: Heh. On another note, if you've been thinking about it a lot, it means that you NEED to get it!! Haha!

2009-06-22 @ 09:11:11
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Regina - Thanks! It's SGD69.90. (:

2009-06-22 @ 09:11:45
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Anonym, pm, violet, AJ, janel, Susan, Ilanka, sherin, jenny, Mariam, Anonym, Sylvia, pinky, D E E, Sarah, cindee, Ruby - Thank y'all for commenting!! (:

2009-06-22 @ 09:14:38
Postat av: Solo

Love your shoes. An d you really have a great style.;D Hope to see more from you.;D

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2009-06-22 @ 10:01:07
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Solo - Thank you! (:

2009-06-22 @ 15:30:26
Postat av: zaira

love your blog..and style is fantastic

2009-06-22 @ 16:44:46
Postat av: camerafilmroll

zaira - Thank you!!

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