Green blue pink.

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Top: Brandless, Shorts: Mphosis, Thrifted Mango Jacket: Salvation Army, Bag: Ralph Lauren, Necklace: Diva

Postat av: nasia

so cuteeeee!!! you're always amazing!!!

2009-06-17 @ 15:17:40
Postat av: nookie

the dress is so cute:x

2009-06-17 @ 15:36:06
Postat av: abby

i agree, the dress is so cute! and with the blazer on its such a different look already. you should really be a fashion buyer or stylist. you're so creative in mix and matching pieces.=D

2009-06-17 @ 18:38:38
Postat av: Anonym

You are so pretty!

2009-06-17 @ 19:12:02
Postat av: Ilanka

Lovely! Love the blazer and the colored top, the colors are great.

2009-06-17 @ 20:54:25
Postat av: Vintage Tea

You look great. I love how different the outfit looks with and without the blazer!


2009-06-17 @ 21:43:57
Postat av: Samira

you'd look fucking fab in a black garbage bag. Haha. Gosh oh gosh, you are beautiful dear. (I'm beginning to feel like a stalker...)

2009-06-17 @ 22:35:54
Postat av: Laura


I saw you on chictopia and I really love your style!

2009-06-18 @ 11:40:18
Postat av: Fem

Very. Cute. Gladiators ♥

Postat av: Stacy

love the dress!

and you're soooo adorable

2009-06-18 @ 15:26:28
Postat av: Samira

hey, just wanted to tell you, you took the first price at my personal top three blogs :) have a nice day

2009-06-18 @ 17:48:57
Postat av: Nabil El Alaoui Sossey

Cute girl!

2009-06-18 @ 18:34:57
Postat av: issye margaretha kamal

nice outfits . oh my God, your face looks the same with my best friend who i talked about at my last post in my blog .

hope we can be friend


2009-06-19 @ 06:30:14
Postat av: May

Heyyy your archives from april or march and backwards all the pictures are not working! Hope you fix it, cos i would rly love to check out your older posts. Do post often as well! :)

2009-06-19 @ 09:13:29
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Samira - Aww thank you so much dear! (:

2009-06-19 @ 17:41:11
Postat av: camerafilmroll

issye margaretha kamal - Hahaha. Of course we can be friends! (:

2009-06-19 @ 17:41:40
Postat av: camerafilmroll

May - I exceeded Photobucket limit so I've gotta wait for a month before the pictures can come up again, sorry about that! Heh. (:

2009-06-19 @ 17:42:20
Postat av: camerafilmroll

nasia, nookie, abby, Anonym, Ilanka, Vintage Tea, Samira, Laura, Fem, Stacy, Nabil El Alaoui Sossey - Thank y'all for commenting!!! (:

2009-06-19 @ 17:43:43
Postat av: violet

i love this dress and u paired it nicely with the blazer and sandels


Vi from Cali

2009-06-20 @ 07:35:53
Postat av: Brittany

That outfit is amazing!

2009-06-20 @ 16:08:40
Postat av: camerafilmroll

violet, Brittany - Thank y'all! (:

2009-06-22 @ 09:18:37
Postat av: Caroline

The dress was just so nice that i want one to =)

2009-06-27 @ 11:21:17
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Caroline - Heh thanks. (:

2009-06-27 @ 17:07:36
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