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"Last week, my grandma who had been diagnosed with cancer lost all her hair. My grandpa told me he had never seen a more beautiful woman in his life. They have been married 49 years. GMH."

"I woke up one morning to hear the birds outside my window and my mother cooking breakfast downstairs. I've never cried so much in my entire life. I had been deaf since the age of 8."

"My first semester of college was terribly lonely. One night there was a knock on my door, I looked outside and there were roses in the hallway with notes telling me to go down the hall and etc. I followed the instructions. At the end of the trail was my boyfriend, waiting to take me home for the weekend. GMH "

"Today, I woke up and my wife was more beautiful than I'd ever seen her. We've been married 15 years. GMH"

I found this website recently. It makes me feel happy and hopeful about everything good or bad in life.

Postat av: tis serendipity

I love that quote. It just makes so much sense. Everyone should be reminded of that. Thanks so much for sharing!! =) Hope you won't mind if I use that photo on my blog in one of the posts or sth? I think it's worth sharing with loads of people

2009-06-08 @ 17:35:57
Postat av: Monica

wow thanks for sharing... what a beautiful post:)

2009-06-08 @ 18:41:47
Postat av: Brandy

The "Peekaboo" post..

2009-06-08 @ 20:15:17
Postat av: miranda


i really must go and see this site for myself

thanks for sharing!

2009-06-09 @ 04:46:03
Postat av: Solo

Thanks for sharing. It is such a great post. Loving it. Hope to see more of this.Have a great day.;D

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2009-06-09 @ 09:02:43
Postat av: camerafilmroll

tis serendipity - Of course I don't mind! You're welcome! (:

2009-06-09 @ 17:18:09
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Brandy - Oh! I got it secondhand online. (:

2009-06-09 @ 17:18:36
Postat av: Sylvia

Touches the heart. <3

2009-06-11 @ 08:24:52
Postat av: Anonym

AWW!!! Nice post! Very inspiring!!!

2009-06-13 @ 14:43:11
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