Weather story.

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Dress: Zara, Shoes: Gift from sister from Taiwan, Bag: RL, Necklace: Mphosis

I have said this sooooo many times but the weather is seriously getting on my nerves! (Actually, everything is starting to get on my nerves lately.) It's like the sun is playing hide and seek, disappearing into the clouds and then reappearing again. The sky was pretty cloudy when I woke up this morning, but the sun decided to come out and hang around a bit after I brushed my teeth, so I decided to head out for a quick swim (as usual). Then the sun disappeared for a while.. reappeared again for a while.. then it disappeared and the sky got really dark and cloudy. After my shower, Mr. Sun came out and play again. Grrrr. Headed over to Cityhall to run an errand after that. And yea, it started to rain. -.-

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source: jamesrowlandshop via pinktuutuu

This pair of vintage 80's floral laced-up Tapestry boots has a more feminine edge compared to the floral version of Doc Martens. I've always loved that pair of Doc Martens but now I want this instead of that!

Postat av: abby

i love your shoes! yes, the weather really is insane these days. i hate it when it's hot in manila because that usually translates to scorching hot weather. i did enjoy my short trip, thanks! traveling is a must when one's stressed out.

2009-07-07 @ 17:59:06
Postat av: Jenny

gorgeous outfit at usual :)

2009-07-07 @ 19:40:27
Postat av: Anni

wow your dress is gorgeous!!!


2009-07-07 @ 23:16:01
Postat av: Y.M

I love love love your shoes. i was looking out for studded heels. so i tried Aldo. and the price tag is a killer! $100+ to $200+ for a pair of heels. and even if the heels are on discount the price tag is still a killer. >.< my mum always asked me, im only a secondary school kid why am i going after all of these "things" that i dont need. HAHAHA

2009-07-08 @ 11:36:03
Postat av: Ilanka

Cute dress!

X, fashion-nerdic.

2009-07-08 @ 17:12:27
Postat av: Frank&Rémy

Very cute girl and super cute dress!

Very nice blog, will come back for sure!

2009-07-08 @ 22:11:49
Postat av: tis serendipity

ooo nice shoes man!! Ahhh I totally crave a pair of doc martins... or similar looking boots.

heh i totally agree with what u said in the previous post about how window shopping makes u depressed. if i don't have the money to shop i'd rather not shop at all!!

2009-07-08 @ 23:40:29
Postat av: Nicole

Love your dress!

-Nicole from Shop It To Me

2009-07-09 @ 00:38:05
Postat av: tessa

love the outfits! looking at your pictures makes me miss home even more lol :(

2009-07-09 @ 05:28:09
Postat av: cocorosa

love the dress, you look gorgeous and I love those shoes!!!

2009-07-09 @ 08:22:13
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Y.M - I started my shoe collection when I was 18, so I didn't really understand what's it's like for secondary school students, haha!

2009-07-09 @ 10:45:36
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby, Jenny, Anni, Ilanka, Frank&Rémy, tis serendipity, Nicole, tessa, cocorosa - Thank y'all darlings for your comments!!!!!! (:

2009-07-09 @ 10:46:42
Postat av: Shantee

omg, those boots! i think i will be the happiest girl on earth if i own them! LOL and your shoes are cool!

2009-07-09 @ 23:09:50
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Shantee - Thanks!!

2009-07-10 @ 17:06:49
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