Dance, dance

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Dress, Vest: Zara, Bag, Mango, Shoes: Local shoe boutique

Thursday night.
The three ladies that you see in these pictures.. they are my bestest girlfriends. Whenever and wherever I am with them, I can be myself. <3

Postat av: Sophie

Hey! I am curious to know how come you are singaporean and you blog on a swedish website ??? XD

By the way, I love your blog and how you dress! ;D

2009-07-12 @ 16:16:54
Postat av: Anonym

wow, really love your outfit!!!


2009-07-12 @ 19:10:07
Postat av: Ilanka

I love it! Great combination of the dress and the vest.


X, fashion-nerdic.

2009-07-12 @ 21:02:01
Postat av: miranda

you look amazing!!

2009-07-12 @ 22:58:19
Postat av: Shantee

is that a dress you are wearing? i love the prints on it!

2009-07-12 @ 23:31:21
Postat av: joelyne

oh what fun photos!!


2009-07-13 @ 03:12:39
Postat av: sayraah

Becks! I love your style... totally pull your looks off :)

2009-07-13 @ 08:08:38
Postat av: Y.M

Looking at you enjoying life. i cannot wait to grow up faster to have tons of freedom. HAHAHA. you look gorgeous as usual(:

2009-07-13 @ 11:48:24
Postat av: sayraah

Hi Becks!

[here's a reply to ur comment. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)]

Art/Fashion School is so much fun. had i known i wanted to be in this industry, i wouldn't have gone thru university (but i wouldn't advice kids that though.hahaha I believe everyone has a place in the fashion industry, and you really have to love what you're doing. Its a tough and competitive world and your passion is what will keep you going. I'd love to hear more when you attend class! Im attending beauty school soon too :)

2009-07-13 @ 17:08:51
Postat av: Bella

It's easy to see that you and your besties are having an amazing time together! And the dress, cardi, and flats are just a stellar combination! You always inspire me. xx

2009-07-13 @ 17:16:18
Postat av: Fem

Your shoes are awesome ♥

Postat av: violet

you look great i like the top and the shoes


Vi from Cali

2009-07-13 @ 22:33:26
Postat av: Kelly

You all look great! I especially love your outfit!

2009-07-14 @ 06:02:41
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Sophie - First off, thanks! (: I like the layout (although it's simple but I think it's very neat) and I'd much prefer the url compared to or hence the reason why.

2009-07-14 @ 13:08:42
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Shantee - Yes, it's a dress. It was featured in my previous post. (:

2009-07-14 @ 13:09:33
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Y.M - If I were you, I wouldn't want to grow up! But I guess this is how it works. (: When you're young, you wish you'll grow up faster. And when you're older, you wish you could go back to secondary school life. Okay, maybe not secondary school life, but forever at 19 for me please!! Hahaha.

2009-07-14 @ 13:10:53
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Anonym, Ilanka, miranda, joelyne, sayraah, Bella, Fem, violet, Kelly - Thank y'all darlings for your lovely comments! :D

2009-07-14 @ 13:12:28
Postat av: samira

if you give me your looks! mwahaha... ♥

2009-07-14 @ 13:23:45
URL: http://http//
Postat av: camerafilmroll

samira - *(:*

2009-07-14 @ 16:04:29
Postat av: adrina

where do you sell you preloved clothes?

all your clothes are so pretty, and of course you too!

2009-07-14 @ 20:30:57
Postat av: Y.M

Yeah maybe when i hit your age i will start thinking that i want to be young again!(:

2009-07-15 @ 11:59:37
Postat av: camerafilmroll

adrina - Aw thank you! You can check out my sister's/my preloved items for sale at It's been stagnant for a while. (:

2009-07-16 @ 15:53:09
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Y.M - Yea you will, heh!

2009-07-16 @ 15:53:25
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2009-08-25 @ 07:38:58

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