Sparkle Sequins.



Bought this sequin top off the recent Mango sale. I usually hate tops with a layer of elastic band at the bottom, but this is just right. It's not too tight, so it doesn't hug onto my butt too much. Just purchased another such top online, hopefully it'll be like this one here. My elder sister and I wore all black that day with studs/sequins details. My little sister commented that we looked like we're going to a club. Haha.

Postat av: Eleh

i grinned when i saw the pictures. right now, im wearing a similar top! except mine is purple :D

2009-02-04 @ 16:49:10
Postat av: enna

oo, love the top, its so beatiful (:

And I just have to sy that I love your hair!

take care, peace out

2009-02-04 @ 23:20:39
Postat av: amelia styledownunder

you look lovely in this! recently found your blog and love your classy style, i added you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind. xx

2009-02-05 @ 01:47:44
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Eleh - Heh! The sequins is really pretty ain't it!

enna - Heh, thanks! (: Take care!

amelia - Of course I don't mind, thank you! (:

2009-02-05 @ 03:22:14
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