My internship officially ended today, WHEEEE. :D The big boss' been around the past couple of days so we weren't allowed to do things like watch videos and play computer games in the office, boo. ): In fact, the end of this internship marks the end of my polytechnic school life and on to university. Pretty hyped up and worried at the same time, actually. =/

Well, I'm just glad I got this internship done and over with.




I folded my cuffed pants to show off the shoes. The denim vest is from Guess, a steal at 60% off a year or two ago. Sale's the word, yup. :D

Postat av: Nel


like your blog a lot.

I was just wondering cause it is in swedish, so are you from Sweden/where do you live now?

2009-02-06 @ 18:09:31
Postat av: Ziling

I love your shoes!!!! Where is stage! Ah i guess i will shiver if its still on sale too haha anyway are you in Singapore or Sweden! Wait.. are you even from Singapore? Hee thanks!


2009-02-06 @ 20:17:13
Postat av: amelia styledownunder

wow, i love your outfit! are they the jlo shoes? they look amazing! xx

2009-02-07 @ 00:30:16
Postat av: bella

Amazing style. You look beautiful... and I love those heels! xx

2009-02-07 @ 01:48:06
Postat av: The Clothes Horse

Congrats on your internship.

Great outfit too, the cropped pants look really nice with those heels.

2009-02-07 @ 02:49:41
Postat av: natalie

Sounds like the Guess vest was a great steal! We'd love to add you as a Trendsetter on our site ( Email us if you're interested - - we'd love to tell you more about our site and get you up and running among our favorites!

2009-02-07 @ 02:49:51
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Nel, Ziling - Hello! I'm living in Singapore. (: And Stage is located at Raffles City Shopping Centre!

amelia - Heh, yes those are the jlo shoes <3333! Thank you!

bella - Thank you! (: I am totally in love with those shoes as well, heh!

The Clothes Horse - Thanks! (:

2009-02-07 @ 16:05:12
Postat av: Zoe

wow love the shoes!

you look great :)


2009-02-08 @ 14:08:13
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Zoe - Thanks! :D

2009-02-09 @ 03:10:40
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2009-08-22 @ 15:55:07

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