Mr. Nice Guy

source: fashionista, gettyimages

"I was at Tracy Reese yesterday and a few minutes before the show started Andre Leon Tally was being escorted from the backstage area. But by that time, all the front row seats were filled in, and even though the PR people assured him they had a seat reserved, he refused to take it saying he didn’t want to kick anyone out of their seat and make a whole big thing about it.
They begged and pleaded with him (“No Andre, it isn’t anyone else’s seat, it’s YOUR seat, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us take you there!”). However, he absolutely refused to budge and insisted on watching the show from standing. They tried convincing him for another few minutes and he was like “Just start your show because I’m not moving anywhere.”
Then they implored: Do you need anything? Water? Coffee? Anything? But he was like “NO I’m fine!” Anyway, they eventually gave up and Andre watched the show with the commoners in the standing section. So who knows, maybe standing room will be the new front row!"

Postat av: Anonym

This is a really enjoyable blog you have here! I hope I see more stuff ;D



2009-02-18 @ 06:59:02
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Thank you! (:

2009-02-19 @ 16:43:40

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