After drooling over VintageTea's DIY jacket, I finally decided to make good use of the studs that I bought from Chinatown months ago, stopped being lazy (since I am so darn free these days with no job ):) and DIY-ed myself.. a bag!



That's the bucket bag that everyone seem to have months ago so I stopped using it. But tada, with the added studs, my "new" bag is ready for me to use. :D

Postat av: Rene

Hi, may i know which part of Chinatown u got the studs from? thanks :)

2009-02-27 @ 09:17:27
Postat av: Vintage Tea

Aw. You bag looks so good. well done. Ta for the mention dear!


2009-02-27 @ 11:14:29
Postat av: Anonym

hi dear may i ask what camera do u usually use for your photos?

2009-02-27 @ 14:08:02
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Rene - Hello, I bought it from People's Park Centre. (:

Vintage Tea - I am so in love with your jacket haha. No problem. :D

anon - I use a Canon IXUS compact camera. It's all in the name of photoshop for the shallow depth-of-field, heh.

2009-02-27 @ 15:43:50
Postat av: miranda

i love it


it looks so good!!

2009-02-28 @ 05:42:10
Postat av: Mandy

How did you DIY it? By poking the studs in?

2009-02-28 @ 12:12:42
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Miranda - Thank you! (:

Mandy - Yup, and securing it by bending the sharp areas.

2009-02-28 @ 12:48:55
Postat av: janelle

hi !

quite surprised to see you here (ya your blog)

cause ive actually saw you at some LJ with a vest that caught my eye, and then lookbook and then now here !

hee, will be following....

J wlove.

2009-03-08 @ 18:40:26
Postat av: camerafilmroll

janelle - Hello! Thanks for your support! (:

2009-03-09 @ 07:03:33
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