Denim Revolution



My new love. (: Loving the gold zipper, military-like buttons on shoulders, the acid wash-like details - the classic denim jacket with a twist! It's kinda stupid judging by the weather these days. But really, it's a matter of time before I put it to good use.

Who needs leather jackets when you can have this instead.
(The pictures just don't do justice!)

Postat av: dilys

The jacket is amazing,i'd kill for it!!!! Did you diy yrself??

2009-02-10 @ 15:01:15
Postat av: amelia styledownunder

amazing jacket...where did you get it? xx

2009-02-10 @ 23:31:15
Postat av: Bella

ohmygod... the jacket! Love this.


2009-02-11 @ 02:03:17
Postat av: camerafilmroll

dilys, amelia: Thank y'all! (: I didn't diy it myself, it's the Mango jacket that I previously mentioned that I'd update about!

Bella: It's from Mango, go check it out! (:

2009-02-11 @ 06:16:34
Postat av: dilys

Thanks and thats really nice of u. :)

2009-02-11 @ 12:20:39
Postat av: Ziling

Oh myyyyy i need to own that too haha its awesome!

2009-02-11 @ 13:09:46
Postat av: charlie brIANNA

first off, i love the jacket! forget a leather jacket...but most importantly,<center>

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a><br /><br />


2009-02-13 @ 07:44:37
Postat av: Farrah

Love love love these pics! Lovin how the red vividly contrasts your fabulous denim jacket!

2009-07-16 @ 03:51:48
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