Ribbons for you?

Ever go crazy over major brand sales at discounted prices that will sweep you off your feet? If you are a big fashion fan, I am sure this happens to you every single time when you walk past a store window with the word “Sales” splashed across it. Now don’t worry about the number of anxiety attacks you get every time you walk past a store window, you only need one from now on, and in the comfort of your home.

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This is where Reebonz (pronounced as Ribbons. I used to pronounce it as Ree-borns, haha!) comes in. Reebonz is a members-only online shopping outlet of premier brands and private sales. They’ve hosted brands like All Dressed Up, BCBG, Gucci, Givenchy, Lanvin, Miu Miu and Fendi (just to name a few), and at discounted prices that will make you go speechless. (It’s true, I’ve encountered that a lot of times.)

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Reebonz works on a 2-3 days online sales basis on various brands. At the end of the sale period (with a short span of 2-3 days), the event closes. I am ALWAYS too slow in getting the items I want and it gets out-of-stock so fast. ): So take note, we need to exercise some fast clicking of the mouse!

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To my Asia Pacific readers, Reebonz do ship to you! Huh? Even if that Prada bag is going on sale, it’s still like, what, hundreds of dollars? I hear you readers! Fret’ not, an installment payment plan is available exclusively for UOB (online installment plan payment only for UOB customers), OCBC and Standard Chartered credit card holders. Purchases are made online using credit card or paypal account under a secured environment.

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And Giveaways! Previous giveaways that Reebonz have conducted included the Coach Bag Twitter Giveaway and the "Share the Secret" Referral Giveaway. There’s another giveaway coming your way! Check out the Reebonz facebook fan page for more information on the Christmas 12 Day Giveaway.

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And now, you can be a rightful member of Reebonz! You can either enter invite code on the bottom right hand corner of the main page, or you can simply click here! Enjoy shopping. :D

Ps: Check out their blog here.

Postat av: Wrecked Stellar

Sounds like a fabulous site! With Fendi and Miu Miu, how can you go wrong?! :)

2009-12-10 @ 02:57:57
URL: http://www.wreckedstellar.wordpress.com
Postat av: jasna

Wow, luv this site!! Hope u well : ) xx

2009-12-10 @ 11:14:55
URL: http://fashionjazz.co.za

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