Shawl Trick.

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Shawl: f21, Dress: Cotton On, Bag: Mango, Shoes: DMK, Drink: my favorite Strawberry Bubble Tea!

(Shawl is secured using a gold safety pin and tada! A fringed top!)

Caught 17 Again today. I can shamelessly say that I am a Zac Efron girl now. Used to find him disgusting but now I think he's pretty hot after watching the movie. I am totally into teen/chick flicks, hahaha. Yea, I am so not intellectual at all. :D

I have zilch inspiration in dressing up these days. Well annnnyway, (a real!!!) shopping trip tomorrow with a girlfriend tomorrow! Hopefully the shopping trip will be a fruitful one!

Advert! (heh): The boyfriend is selling the Casio G-1100BD Gravity Defier watch. Brand new! It's retailing at SGD400 at G-Factory and he's selling it for SGD220. E-mail me at for more information if interested. (:



Ps: Using tinypic now, thanks to abby for the suggestion!

Postat av: nasia

haha! well, call me crazy but i watched all 3 HS Musical films! for some reason, i enjoyed them. and i like the zanessa tandem. now more laughs. haha! :p

very innovative outfit! can't wait to see your new shopping finds! :)

2009-04-19 @ 15:42:21
Postat av: vintage Tea


2009-04-19 @ 20:20:04
Postat av: abby

very cute shawl trick! i really love how you're able to put together different's like the "mismatched matched" look? hehe...

i haven't seen 17 again yet but i do like the zanessa tandem, i just don't like it when zac doesn't look that manly but that's just my opinion.;p

2009-04-20 @ 05:25:40
Postat av: camerafilmroll

nasia - I didn't know there was this zanessa tandem thing going on! Haha. Shopping today was not so good! =/

2009-04-20 @ 14:18:30
Postat av: camerafilmroll

vintage Tea - Thank you!

2009-04-20 @ 14:18:41
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby - Heh thank you. (: You should go watch it, Zac Efron is soooooooo effing hot in that movie, haha.

2009-04-20 @ 14:19:25
Postat av: Katy

I love your shawl and the color is pretty!

2009-04-20 @ 21:38:21
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Katy - Heh thanks!!

2009-04-21 @ 14:47:52

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