I suck at interviews.

Someone asked me once what's my most favorite look of all time. I think it's a pair of black or blue denim jeans paired with a white fitted razorback tank top. And that's not all, the woman donning this look has got to have the right figure and the correct body proportion. YUM, INEXPLICABLE HOTNESS. Alas, this look is definitely a look that I cannot carry off well. =/




Second-hand blouse from online, Skirt from GG<5 and Shoes from local shoe boutique.

This is what I wore to a university interview today. I can only say that I seriously lack the skills and qualities required in an interview. Period. Argh. ):

Postat av: sarah!

I love your shoes! where did you get them from? because I live in Singapore too. (:

2009-04-04 @ 04:50:35
Postat av: nasia

i super love your shoes too! anyway, hmmm... i think you'll pull off that look well! i think your bod's great. :)

2009-04-04 @ 05:34:37
URL: http://chictopia.com/nasche
Postat av: camerafilmroll

nasia - :DD Thanks for the compliment but photographs are deceiving, not photoshop but it's all about the angle for me. Haha!

2009-04-04 @ 15:29:31
Postat av: camerafilmroll

sarah - I can't remember the shop's name, but it's from a pushcart store in Tampines. (:

2009-04-04 @ 15:30:56
Postat av: Julia

Aww..dont loose your confidence though, you are such a sweet&talented girl, just continue to try and improve your skills in this area..you will make your dream real:)

2009-04-04 @ 16:47:59
Postat av: fangzi

Hmm don't worry I'm sure you will do better after going for more interviews heh..but i guess the most important thing is to be calm and stay cool (easier said than done, i know haha). Anyway chic outfit for an interview, however i feel heels might be better for this outfit? Just my opinion though. (: I <3 the mustard color of your shoe~pretty~

2009-04-04 @ 17:29:34
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Julia - Thanks for the compliment! (: I think I have really low confidence level. =/

2009-04-05 @ 03:50:44
Postat av: camerafilmroll

fangzi - Before the interview I told myself that I had to stay calm and look confident, after that I just crumbled down altogether. =/ Haha! The shoes are light-brown in color actually. I didn't want to wear heels because all my heels don't seem appropriate for the interview. (: Hahaha.

2009-04-05 @ 03:52:57
Postat av: abby

very cute outfit for an interview. looks fresh but still appropriate. good luck on your future interviews, you'll get used to it.;p

2009-04-05 @ 15:00:53
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby - I really hope I can get used to it! I really suck big time at interviews. =/ Thanks anyway!!

2009-04-06 @ 04:11:19
Postat av: clareassiral

love those shoes, traced your blog from lookbook for those shoes!

2009-04-09 @ 09:23:33
URL: http://pinktuutuu.blogspot.com
Postat av: camerafilmroll

clareassiral - Thanks!!

2009-04-09 @ 10:22:47

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