Chunky statement earrings.

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Look what one of my girlfriends bought for me from China's H&M. It's pretty chunky even though the picture may not seem so. I am thrilled, my first H&M buy. Haha, I am such a noob. Can't wait for the H&M boutique to open at Orchard Ion in July!

Postat av: fangzi

gawdd there's a h&m boutique opening in sg?!?!? i can't wait haha!!

2009-05-01 @ 02:03:31
Postat av: abby

an h&m in singapore? wow! i only get my h&m fix either in hong kong or shanghai...lucky, lucky you! i love h&m sales there's so many great, cheap stuff haha especially accessories.;p cute earrings, they're so your style.=) have a great weekend!

2009-05-01 @ 05:54:13
Postat av: Sylvia

Big statement earrings are the best!! I bet you'll like H&M, they have stylish cute stuff for a good price (basically like a nicer f21)!

2009-05-01 @ 07:35:32
Postat av: Fem

Nice earrings =.D

Postat av: cheryl

H&M is theeee greatest! Best deals EVER! its the classy version of f21 :) i'm you'll have many buys there once it opens. lol.

2009-05-01 @ 17:27:32
Postat av: camerafilmroll

fangzi - Yes! At Orchard Ion, that mall is gonna be a big hit!!

2009-05-02 @ 06:46:47
Postat av: camerafilmroll

abby - Yes, I can't wait for the mall to open. :D Have a nice weekend too!!

2009-05-02 @ 06:47:28
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Sylvia - I'm sure I'll love them too, heh! Can't wait! (:

2009-05-02 @ 06:47:48
Postat av: camerafilmroll

Fem - Thank you! Thanks to my girlfriend! (:

2009-05-02 @ 06:48:05
Postat av: camerafilmroll

cheryl - I'm sure I'm so gonna raid the store when it opens, haha! :D

2009-05-02 @ 06:48:35
Postat av: MaggieY

Hi, this is my 1st visit to ur blog. OMG,r u sure H&M's gonna open in S'pore ION? As i was told that it's very unlikely though! Hurray, as i travel to S'pore very often :DD



2009-05-03 @ 14:13:35
URL: http://nil
Postat av: camerafilmroll

MaggieY - Yes, H&M is opening a boutique in Orchard Ion! :D

2009-05-04 @ 15:15:59
Postat av: mikki

Was having a lazy day in the house going through fashion logs when I ran into Camerafilmroll. Believe it or not I have spent the past two hours going through your blog and I Luuuuuurrrveee love luv it!(seing am poor as well). I feel inspired to start a blog as well.

I Love H&M as well, but I live in Germany and it's always cold, but your outfits have given me summer Ideas. And now this comment is starting to look like an email so I will stop. But keep blogging, we love you here in Germany.


2009-05-15 @ 12:48:40
Postat av: camerafilmroll

mikki - Wow I am so flattered and extremely excited that I have a reader from Germany! (: Thanks so much for your support!

2009-05-15 @ 18:29:06

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