Christmas Shopping.

Went Christmas shopping just now. The crowd was crazy, almost suffocated in the midst of squeezing my way through Orchard Road. Bought a pair of yummy heels from Charles & Keith, again. They're getting better, I must say. Although I still hate how the brand logo stands out on the bags. Anyway, it's the wet season, the perfect excuse to pile up on layers of clothes in sunny Singapore. Right now, I'm lusting after the YSL Sweatshirt from the S/S 2008 collection - very simple, yet it exudes a dogged air of chicness.



Pair it with high-waisted denim jeans/black pants or the oh-so-popular lame leggings, and you're good to go.

I'm also loving all the punk rock fashion right now. All the studs, chains, zips, leather and metal.. I'm tempted to stick studs on everything I own.

Photobucket Gucci Studded Boots on Paris Vogue's Geraldine Saglio

Isn't that pretty?


On my Christmas wishlist. Costs SGD60plus, still contemplating on whether I should get it.

Ps: Can't wait for Christmas Party on Wednesday. Theme's Slumber Lumber Christmas. :D

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love your 3 outfits!! the dress with those goorgeous shoes is definitely my favorite one!

2011-04-28 @ 09:43:55
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