Styling Class.

Scrap that plaid jacket & replace it with an off-white/nude color plain one, switch that pair of platforms to sandals, and you'll get a Chloé Spring 2009 RTW-inspired outfit. Dressing up inspired by a favorite collection/designer was our assignment for styling class today. Fun fun fun!

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Shorts: Courtesy of missypixie, Shoes: Steve Maddens

Postat av: R

i never comment on any blogs i read but i've got to say this - you have such great legs!! beautifully tanned and toned!

2009-09-29 @ 17:57:39
Postat av: Charlene

Wow!!! This is so gorgeous! I love the styling! :)

2009-09-29 @ 18:30:54
Postat av: Danmyy

oh my god love your heels, legs + shorts! Damn girl your legs are so long, and tan and skinny, im green with envy! Those heels are almost wedge like, i love! Shorts, tres chic.

2009-09-29 @ 18:42:25
Postat av: wrinkledrose

Chloé's scallopedshorts are cool!

Great adaptation of hers =)

2009-09-29 @ 20:09:20
Postat av: janettaylor

Oh, that shorts is really Chloe. Love them.

2009-09-29 @ 20:14:22
Postat av: fashionjazz

Becks, u look stunning here and thanks so much for your comment on my blog and linking me!!

Have a fantastic day hun!


2009-09-29 @ 21:32:20
Postat av: Valencia Lia

You pulled off this look so well ! The edges of those shorts are just too adorable :)

Beautiful shoesss too. And you have really long long legs !

2009-09-30 @ 09:50:50
Postat av: Y.M

Cute cute shorts you got! oh yeah i check out missypixie website. sigh, i can only view those pretty clothes on the site but cant purchase them.):

take care.

2009-09-30 @ 10:32:18
Postat av: - Paula

so cute :)

2009-09-30 @ 11:08:38
Postat av: projectrika

I love this!!!!! you look absolutely adorable, the look is perfect and I love that blazer!!! It's awesome that you get to have styling classes like that. great job! :)

2009-09-30 @ 11:29:20
Postat av: Style-Gazing

very pretty!

2009-09-30 @ 15:09:04
Postat av: Tintin

Nice styling! :) I think you can also use your nude blazer here, would look cute too :) I love your heels to death!

2009-09-30 @ 15:21:02
Postat av: Candy

Love the blazer (& your smile too)

Postat av: samira

hey! It's been such a long time ago! You look as cute as ever! wish you all the best beautiful! Take care now. big hugs from Samajra.

2009-10-03 @ 00:26:57
Postat av: Dena

I absolutely love your style. Gorgeous!!! I will be adding this blog to my favourites.

2009-10-06 @ 15:15:29
Postat av: katheryn

I would love to have a piece of that cute shorts! are u still selling them??

email mee! (:

2009-11-06 @ 11:54:05

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